An Anthem for the Abused


This song touched me so deeply that I had to know more about it.  I was amazed to find out the writer, Michael Berardi, has never been abused nor has he ever been in an abusive relationship.  How could someone who has never lived it write a song as powerful and insightful as this?  Here is Michael's story about  the inspiration that led him to write Bricks From The Ashes.

Bricks From The Ashes
~The Inspiration~


"Bricks From the Ashes" is one of those very rare and special
  songs that are created from a vision - more than a dream..... 

As I was sleeping one night, a picture suddenly appeared in my mind. It was one of those times when you just know you are really there. Everything around you is crystal clear. You can smell the air, touch the trees, and feel the emotions of the moment. You know that this is not merely another dream. 

 I saw a woman standing in front of a large pile of ashes. She was dressed in dark clothing and she was wearing a veil that hid her face. I could only see her eyes. Her eyes were sad and filled with tears. I watched as she knelt down, cupped her hands together, and picked up a handful of ashes. She then formed a brick out of the ashes. She took the brick and placed it gently down next to another brick. She kept repeating this over and over. After a while I realized what she was doing. She was building a road out of the bricks.

 I looked in the direction that the road was leading and far in the distance, rising just beyond the gray horizon, was the most beautiful light! It was a pure and peaceful light. I became very curious as to who this woman was and what she was trying to do. Suddenly, she turned her face toward me, and as her tearful eyes met mine, she slowly took the veil from her face. I was shocked to see that her face was badly bruised.  As I walked toward her, I finally realized who she was. She was someone I loved dearly and who had passed away several years before. She was a loving aunt who lived upstairs from me when I was growing up. She was terribly abused by her husband. 

 As the scene faded from my mind, I began to wake up. Immediately, the title "Bricks From the Ashes" and many other lyrical and melodic ideas began to fill my mind. I recorded my ideas and the next day my wife, Cheryl, helped me finish the song.

As much as I would love to take credit for writing it, the real author of Bricks From the Ashes is the Lord. I truly believe that this song was given to me in this vision for one purpose - to help the many hurting souls who are living in abusive  relationships.  Perhaps, somewhere in this song, they will hear a line or a verse that will give them just enough encouragement to take that frightful first step toward building a new life, not only for themselves, but for those they love.  This is my hope and prayer.

Michael Berardi