Wings of Freedom
Pride Courage Determination

Image size: 17"x 27"
Over-all print size:  22"x 31"
Price:   $ 22.26 
Includes tax and shipping !

The artist, Anthony (Tony) Carnesecchi,  is a U.S. Navy Veteran
 who served during the Vietnam war  and he currently teaches art  
 in St. Charles, Illinois at his art studio called,
 Tony and Friends Art Studio.
Tony donates a portion of his profits to 
 Disabled American Veterans.  

The United States Stamp Committee is reviewing 
 Wings of Freedom for a  U.S. postage stamp design.  

Contact Tony directly if you are interested 
in ordering a print of  "Wings of Freedom"

Tony and Friends Art Studio
2020 Dean Street 
Suite M2 
Saint Charles, IL 60174-1665 

Phone: (630) 377-5377 
Fax: (630) 443-8985